This Black Friday Amazon buy changed the way I work out forever (for under $30)

No gym? No problem. I got a set of gym rings in the Black Friday Amazon deals and the result was life-changing

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The Black Friday Amazon deals are hotting up, and people are eagerly anticipating picking up all sorts of discounts – especially in the fitness sphere. From weights and treadmills to socks and leggings, there are all kinds of great fitness deals in store for people who want to work out from home. 

But if you’re looking for new ways to exercise without going to the gym (and if so, you might want to check out our best workout equipment for home guide) one of the best purchases I made last year was Olympic rings. With gyms closed, everyone working from home, and the world in the grip of the pandemic, I needed the release of regular resistance training. Dumbbells and kettlebells weren’t exactly suited to a third-floor apartment, so I hit “buy” on the rings which I could take to the local park, secure the straps on the nearest tree, and hey presto – I had a gym! 

There are lots of different rings on Amazon, but they all largely work the same: A metal buckle with teeth is attached to an adjustable strap, which creates a loop from which the rings can be hung. This 5Billion Fitness set is down to $28.99 at Amazon, and is fully made to International Gymnastics Federation standards. Check out the rings in full below:

Grab the Olympic rings in the Black Friday Amazon deals:

5Billion Fitness wood gymnastics rings | now $28.99 at Amazon

5Billion Fitness wood gymnastics rings | now $28.99 at Amazon
From simple movements such as pull-ups, dips, and rows to advanced calisthenics and gymnastics moves such as the L-sit and assisted pistol squats, these rings act as a full home gym. Simply secure them on a tree, bar, or vertical structure, and away you go. 

The rings changed my fitness, and I continued with them even after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. 

I was able to train my core with hanging leg raises, my arms with dips and pull-ups, my back with rows, my chest with flys, and even my legs as I began working up to an unaided pistol squat. My favorite tree, with its perfectly vertical branch ideal for hanging the rings on, became my regular twice-a-week haunt through fall, winter, spring, and summer. Over the last year, I shivered in the cold, trudged home in the rain and worried the branch would eventually snap – but the day I hit a 10 pull-up set made it all worth it. 

If you’re shopping the Black Friday weights deals and Black Friday protein deals for resistance training solutions, don’t discount suspension trainers. The biggest problem with the rings – you can't use them indoors, or against a door – is solved with a more advanced suspension training system, like the TRX.

 Alternative option: TRX Home2 suspension trainer 

The TRX is ideal if you want to train indoors as well as out. Light, portable, no hard metal or wood parts to scratch the doors and walls: you can use it outdoors and in, for even greater variety than the rings above. The bundle below comes complete with fastenings and four resistance bands, and right now you can save $55 on this TRX Builder bundle for $199.95 at the TRX store.

TRX Home2 builder bundle | was $254.85 | now $177.95 at the TRX store

TRX Home2 builder bundle | was $254.85 | now $177.95 at the TRX store
Save $77 on the TRX Home2 suspension training system. Much more comprehensive than the Olympic rings above, this bundle includes the Home2 system, a six-year warranty (!), a door hook, incredibly useful for taking your training indoors, and four resistance bands.  

All the best Black Friday health and fitness deals in one place

All the best Black Friday health and fitness deals in one place

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