These cheerful resistance bands will brighten up home workouts

Fitness brand Shreddy's new range of colorful fitness kit will liven up your workouts - and your Instagram feed

Shreddy Resistance Bands
(Image credit: Shreddy)

Home exercise equipment frequently gets a bad rap for being, well, just a little bit too dull and uninteresting. After all, just how much black and grey can one person take?

But fitness tech brand Shreddy is here to change all that with a brand new look, and a range of gym accessories and equipment that have been designed to add some zing and a definite splash of color to your workout routines - including some of the best resistance bands we've seen.

Forget dreary dumbbells and, in fact, all of the other fitness accessories you might have had to beg or borrow during lockdown. These new fitness accessories not only look sensational, but have the advantage of being vegan-friendly into the bargain.

Shreddy has already built up a sizeable following and is perhaps best known for its Shreddy Club and supporting app. The female-focussed fitness brand provides measured workouts for its global community of subscribers and backs it up with healthy eating options, plus vegan-certified nutritional supplements. Now it's got a range of gym accessories and equipment to complete the package.

Shreddy Abs Roller

(Image credit: Shreddy)

Our pick of the bunch is the range of pastel, patterned resistance bands, pictured top. Not only do they look great, but they also promise to perform impressively too, with short and long options, and resistance ranging from light to extra heavy. With prices that range between $18 - 20 / £14 - 17, the bands are cheap enough to make perfect accessories for inclusion on your Instagram feed - and ideal for trying our chest workouts with resistance bands or full-body resistance band workout.

Other highlights include blue and orange-rimmed sliders for just $12 / £9 and a cute pink ab roller ($19 / £12) that's surely a contender for our best ab rollers list. Shreddy also has some of the best dumbbells, priced from $25 / £20 - which’ll look a lot better than the rusting relics that many of us have had to make do with because lockdown caused a nationwide shortage of new ones. Out with the old and in with the new, eh?

Shreddy is doing the decent thing and making sure all of its fitness kit items are dispatched to your door in non-plastic, reusable packaging. If you’re smitten with Shreddy’s dazzling new fitness kit there’s the supporting app too, which is available from $13/£9.99 per month for iOS and Android devices. 

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