Apple Watch Series 6: Price, availability, where to buy and more

The Apple Watch Series 6 boasts a whole vista of new health and fitness features. Here's how to get 2020's hottest watch

Apple Watch Series 6
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The Apple Watch Series 6 is here. Boasting a wealth of new features (most of them health and fitness related), the latest iteration of the best-selling smartwatch is already a monster hit. 

It features a similar design to many of its predecessors (and copycats like the Oppo Watch, with its curved-corner pebble shape). It's got loads of new colours and designs to choose from, from camouflage green to a snappy little red number, and a new braided band design. 

But the real star of the show is the smorgasbord of new health metrics available on the watch, designed to supercharge your workout and improve your well-being. Plus it's fully compatible with Apple Fitness+, Apple's all-new workout platform that's worth the hype.

Apple Watch Series 6: The best prices and deals available right now

The Watch can do all the usual tricks that landed the Apple Watch Series 5 at the top of our best fitness watch list, with heart rate detection and calorie burning all present and correct. 

However, the Apple Watch Series 6 will sport WatchOs7, the new operating system that offers a sleep tracking feature. WatchOs7 also automatically detects when you're washing your hands and for how long, which will be extremely helpful in this post-pandemic world. 

The Watch can also record your VO2 max, or the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use while working out. This number is an excellent metric for measuring your cardiovascular fitness. Your Blood Oxygen levels can also be monitored with a new hardware feature in the Apple Watch Series 6, to calculate your blood's oxygen saturation levels.

New workout types have also been added: core training, functional strength training, dance, and cool down, allowing you to track your fitness in more ways than ever before. 

Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple has also added an always-on altimeter to the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple said: "This feature allows for the detection of small elevation changes above ground level, up and down to the measurement of 1 foot, and can be shown as a new watch face complication or workout metric." 

If your running route takes you up or downhill, you can now accurately measure your challenge and adjust your workouts accordingly. For the serious trail runner, this is a big deal, marking Apple beginning to take a bite out of typical Garmin territory. Garmin has always been the premiere adventure watch, but Apple's in-built altimeter is taking steps to change that. 

Apple is also gearing the watch for the entire family, making it usable for children without iPhones to pair it with, and offering simplistic, extra-large watch faces for older or visually-impaired users.

Apple Watch Series 6: Introducing Apple Fitness+

Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple is also offering its new workout service known as Apple Fitness+. Incorporating metrics from Apple Watch users, Apple Fitness+ will offer personalised workouts to view and follow along on Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV. 

The service looks at workouts you've previously completed and offers a "next step", suggesting new options to complement your existing workout routine. Apple Fitness+ users will be able to filter their routines by different trainers, genres of exercise or even the music, finding exactly the workout they want. 

Apple said: "When a workout is selected and started on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, the correct workout type will automatically start on Apple Watch. During the session, the metrics from Apple Watch are shown on the screen and come to life for moments of inspiration."

Fitness+ will be available to Apple Watch customers as a subscription service before the end of 2020 for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, shared with five other people.

Apple Watch Series 6 is available to order today, starting from $399 or £379 in the UK.

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