Fitbit down: What to do if your fitness tracker isn't working

"Fitbit down" is trending. If something went wrong when trying to log into Fitbit, here's what to do

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UPDATE: Fitbit has provided us with the following statement: "A software issue was causing some issues for the Fitbit app yesterday. Service has now returned to normal. Any users still experiencing issues should contact Customer Support at"

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Is Fitbit down? That seems to be the question on everyone's minds today. All around the world, people have tried to log into their Fitbit accounts, only to receive an error message. If you've taken advantage of one of our top Fitbit Charge deals or Fitbit Sense deals, only to find you can't access the app, here's why. 

Several outlets, including the reputable 9to5Google, are reporting Fitbit is suffering from connectivity issues. Many people's devices aren't synching to their phones, and servers appear to be down, leaving people stuck without their watches or other devices, disrupting their normal routines. 

The outage allegedly started around 7am ET today. The problem has been confirmed via the company's Fitbit Support Twitter page, telling its users in replies it's experiencing problems with its servers. Here's the tweet in full: 

Some individuals were surprised Fitbit was replying to tweets rather than offering a blanket statement. "Man, @fitbit app has been down all morning and the company is so bad they won’t even make a quick announcement confirming it," said one irate user. "They’re just wasting time replying to every individual."

Others on Twitter are reporting problems with connectivity, sleep tracking, inability to monitor workouts and other health metrics available on the Fitbit app. Fitbit has recently clarified its position in a public tweet, rather than a single reply: the company has confirmed the problem is a technical issue on it end, and they are working to fix it. 

Fit&Well has approached Fitbit for comment, and we'll update this article if the situation changes.  

Fitbit down: What should I do? 

First of all, don't tinker with or try and return the hardware. Fitbit has very clearly stated this is a server issue, not a hardware issue, and is working to fix it on the development end. 

This means that although your device, whether fitness band or smartwatch, is currently unable to connect to your app, it will hopefully soon be resolved. The best thing you can do is sit tight. 

9to5Google claims the outage won't stop your fitness tracker or smartwatch from gathering fitness data as normal – only historical data on the app is affected. This means you should just wear the Fitbit and carry on as normal today. 

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You won't be able to log and track workouts or sleep until the servers are back up, but your Fitbit should continue to collect that data. If this is the case, that historical data should be added to the app once things are up and running and your devices can sync once again, providing a complete picture of your day's activities.

If you're shopping around for a new Fitbit, don't be put off by this outage: it will likely be over soon, and the best Fitbit entries remain some of the finest fitness trackers around. If you want to snap one up, check out our guide to the top Fitbit deals.

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