Wellness Week Day Five: Fit Gear Friday

From watches to trainers, today is all about the tech you use to get ahead

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How has your Wellness Week gone? The weekend is here, and although we've covered so many topics this week, it feels like it's flown by. We got you off to a good start with some Monday Motivation, transformed your diet with Foodie Tuesday, supercharged your exercise routine with Workout Wednesday, and helped you simmer down a little on Therapy Thursday.

As Wellness Week draws to a close, we're looking at the technological tools you need to continue on your fitness journey. From activity trackers to advanced fabrics and cutting-edge shoe technology, Fit Tech Friday has all the gadgets you need. 

Of course, we've got plenty of amazing gizmos ranked for you to browse, whether you're after the new Fitbit Sense deals, our verdict on the best elliptical machine or you're in the market for a new set of adjustable dumbbells. However, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is a good pair of running shoes. 

As running is a relatively high-impact sport, a bad shoe can harm your feet, ankles and knees. The right shoe needs to be chosen for the right job: a trail-running shoe, for example, shouldn't be worn during a 10K on the roads. Our guide to choosing the right trainer for the job will tell you more. 

Fitness trackers are the other big technological piece of kit you need. Whether you're using a Fitbit, a Garmin, an Apple Watch or something entirely different, a fitness tracker has access to a ton of information, providing you data on your sleep cycle, heart rate, calories burned, workouts completed and loads more.

Now you've got all this information, what do you actually do with it all? Our guide to making sense of the stats on your fitness tracker will help you use the stats to change your life for the better. We talk adjusting your sleep schedule, tweaking your exercise regime and more in response to what you find on your watch. 

Wellness Week Day Five: Fit Gear Friday


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