The JAXJOX DumbbellConnects have changed my home workouts forever

If you want to start strength training at home, the JAXJOX DumbbellConnect adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate home workout tool

The JAXJOX DumbbellConnect tested by our Fit & Well writer
(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)
Fit&Well Verdict

The JAXJOX DumbbellConnect adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate piece of home workout kit for strength training. They come as a pair, offering eight weights options from 8lb to 50lb in one compact package, and allow you to change the load in seconds with the press of a button. Not only this, but they look great and feel sturdy too — what’s not to like?

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Robust design

  • +

    Change weight in seconds

  • +

    Small weight jumps of 6lb

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Need to be recharged fairly regularly

  • -

    Small screen on the base can be hard to see

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The innovative JAXJOX DumbbellConnect can improve your home workouts immeasurably, helping you build muscle and burn calories while saving you time, space and money. How do I know this? Because I got my hands on a pair and pitted them against some of the best adjustable dumbbells currently on the market in a series of rigorous tests. 

Safe to say from that introduction, I was impressed by the self-professed world’s first digital dumbbell. Their clever weight-changing mechanism meant I could make the dumbbells lighter or heavier in seconds, with minimal effort, making them ideal for putting the progressive overload principle into practice. And, with each dumbbell offering eight weight options from 8lb-50lb (all contained within one compact package) there’s something to suit lifters of most experience levels. 

They look great too, setting themselves apart from the customarily bulky adjustable dumbbell aesthetic with their slim, rounded plates, classy matte gray finish and sleek profile that makes them more wieldy than most. 

They have to be charged up using loading docks to work, which is a slight annoyance, but this is minimized by the fact that a full tank lasts upwards of five days.

So, despite being infinitely fond of my fixed weight hex dumbbells, the efficiency of these adjustable alternatives has seen them force their way into my at-home fitness routine. Read on to find out why I think they should be part of yours too. 


The JAXJOX Adjustable Dumbbells tested by our Fit & Well writer

The weight plates of the JAXJOX DumbbellConnects slide into one another using the grooves shown, giving them a secure feel

(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)

The JAXJOX DumbbellConnect’s MSRP — $499 on the brand's website or £390 at Argos in the UK — may raise a few eyebrows at first. But there’s more to this price than meets the eye. 

You get the equivalent of a dumbbell rack (eight pairs) worth of free weights, ranging from 8lb to 50lb, while only taking up the space of a single set. When just one 50lb Amazon Basics Hex Dumbbell can set you back more than $71, the JAXJOX option starts to look more price-savvy — particularly given they come as a pair. It’s also worth keeping an eye on online retailers for discounts. 

They save you from the clutter of umpteen dumbbells lying around your home gym space too, while allowing you to quickly and effortlessly up the weight as your strength improves to ensure your training doesn’t plateau.

Weight range

The JAXJOX Adjustable Dumbbells tested by our Fit & Well writer

The JAXJOX DumbbellConnect adjustable dumbbells have eight different weight settings of 8lb, 14lb, 20lb, 26lb, 32lb, 38lb, 44lb and 50lb in each hand

(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)

Each of these adjustable dumbbells offers eight different weight settings; 8lb, 14lb, 20lb, 26lb, 32lb, 38lb, 44lb and 50lb. This will cover most bases for beginner to intermediate lifters. 

The 6lb increases are good for incrementally increasing the load you’re lifting for different exercises as your strength increases, without upping the load so much that your form falls apart. 


The JAXJOX DumbbellConnects are far and away the most polished pair of adjustable dumbbells I’ve tested. Where most of their competitors are bulky with notable gaps between the interchangeable metal plates, the DumbbellConnect’s weights sit flush against each other to give a neat, sleek and sturdy finish. 

There was none of the usual rattling when I pressed them overhead, inspiring total confidence in the security of the plates, and the smaller dimensions of the dumbbells meant I was able to complete everything from bicep curls to goblet squats without them getting in the way — not the case with more awkwardly-shaped rivals like the Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells

The plastic docking stations also feel well-made, and have the same stylish gray finish as the dumbbells along with a green trim. This gives them a sporty aesthetic that slipped seamlessly into my home gym. The screens on each station that displays the current weight on the bar are simple but effective, with up and down buttons on either side so you can change the load with ease. They can be a bit tricky to see if you store the weights on the floor, as they’re positioned on the foot of the base, but that’s our only real design gripe. 

The JAXJOX Adjustable Dumbbells tested by our Fit & Well writer

After changing the weight, any plates that are surplus to requirements will be left standing upright in the docking station of the JAXJOX DumbbellConnects

(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)

Set-up and features

Setting up the JAXJOX DumbbellConnects didn’t take me long at all; you just need to place each central dumbbell into one of the docking stations then slide the plates into place in any order. The docks do have to be charged up to change the weight so you may want to store them near a mains outlet, but a few hours of juice should keep them going for over five days (even with fairly consistent use).

When it comes to features, these digital dumbbells go much further than your average free weight. As I’ve already covered, you get eight different weight options and the ability to flit between them by loading the dumbbells into the docking station and toggling through the options using the up and down arrows on the base, but that’s not the only trick up JAXJOX’s sleeve. 

The JAXJOX Adjustable Dumbbells tested by our Fit & Well writer

The screen on the docking station of the JAXJOX DumbbellConnect adjustable dumbbells is simple and easy to understand, but it can be hard to see from above 

(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)

They can also link to the JAXJOX app via Bluetooth, allowing you to “free train” while it counts your reps for you. Or, if you pay a monthly membership fee, you gain access to a series of well-produced follow-along video workouts of varying durations and difficulty levels, which make full use of your digital dumbbells. 

I really liked that this was an option and had plenty of fun playing with the app. The video workouts (of which there are hundreds to choose from) are Peloton-esque with a high production value and energetic instructors. However, if you don’t want to pay extra for app access, the dumbbells are still a fantastic home workout tool without it.

The JAXJOX Adjustable Dumbbells tested by our Fit & Well writer

A fully loaded JAXJOX dumbbell in its docking station

(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)


The JAXJOX DumbbellConnect adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate piece of kit for anyone looking to start (or continue) strength training at home. Their eight weight options mean there’s plenty of scope for progression, and the maximum weight of 50lb should be enough to challenge most people. Each dumbbell takes up just 19.5in x 7.5in of floor space, the plates sit securely together so I never feared they were going to fall out of place, and the sleek design will look great in any home workout space. They have to be charged up every week or so, which is a minor annoyance, but that’s the only real downside I could find.  

The JAXJOX Adjustable Dumbbells tested by our Fit & Well writer

Buttons on the base are used to change the weight of the JAXJOX DumbbellConnects, with the weight displayed on a small screen that can be seen in the image above 

(Image credit: Future / Harry Bullmore)

User reviews

At the time of writing, the JAXJOX DumbbellConnects have an average rating of over four stars out of five from 35 reviews on the brand’s website. Happy customers describe them as “simple, durable and versatile”, providing a space-savvy alternative to a full set of dumbbells. A small number of negative reviews say they experienced errors including a refusal to adjust the weight, but this isn’t something I encountered during the testing period.  


 Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells  

Core Home Fitness adjustable dumbbells

The Core Home Fitness adjustable dumbbells we tested

(Image credit: Vicki-Marie Cossar)

These nifty free weights have a clever TwistLock weight-changing contraption built into the handle; all you have to do is give it a twist to switch from 5-50lb (with 5lb increments in between). They’re robust, space-efficient and not too expensive either (compared to many premium models).  

Amazon Basics Adjustable Dumbbells 

Image of Amazon Basics being used within the home

(Image credit: Vicki-Marie Cossar)

If you want to start strength training at home but don’t want to break the bank, these Amazon Basics dumbbells are a brilliant budget option. They don’t have the high-tech specs of digital or selectorized adjustable dumbbells, and changing the weight will take a little while as you have to replace the weight plates yourself before securing them with spinlock collars. However, they still offer a range of loads for under $70. 

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