Fitbits are getting Google Voice Assistant controls very soon

Soon you'll be able to do all kinds of cool tricks with Google Voice Assistant on your Fitbit devices

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"Hey Google, set a reminder for my spin class" will soon become a very common thing to say to your wrist, as if you're a health-conscious Buzz Lightyear. This year's brand new Fitbit devices, which are the Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense, have been confirmed to get Google Voice Assistant in a new upgrade set to roll out in "late 2020". 

It's no surprise, as Google is currently in the process of buying the Fitbit company, but it will be a big relief for those who've invested in Google's smart home system rather than Amazon Echo devices. Alexa is already being carried on lots of the more advanced Fitbit devices, but this marks the first generation with Google Voice Assistant functionality. 

This means you can use your watch to play soothing music around your house, or flick your smart lights on or off, providing you have compatible Google Voice Assistant devices. Unfortunately, the previous-gen Fitbits like the Fitbit Versa 2 won't be supported. 

The watches won't quite operate in the same way a Google Home device might: rather than read the answer to your question aloud, the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 will display the relevant information on screen, whether you're asking what the weather's like or you're looking to add a reminder to your calendar.

The Californian company has said the firmware update is expected to be available by "late 2020", so we know it's coming in the next couple of months. But for Google users, it's just another reason to snap up one of the fabulous new fitness watches, which are full of bells and whistles alongside next-generation health tracking technology, packing a built in ECG mode and improved sleep monitoring.

In addition, it automatically recognises when you're working out, and contains Fitbit's entire suite of workouts and fitness plans. 

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