How Jennifer Aniston stays fit at 53 with her '15-15-15' workout method

This short and simple exercise routine that Aniston swears by is an effective way to stay in good shape later in life

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It sometimes seems like the fittest and healthiest celebrities go to extreme measures to stay in shape as they age. However, 53-year-old Jennifer Aniston keeps her fitness real simple these days, using what she calls the "15-15-15 method".

Aniston has always paid attention to enhancing her health as she ages. Lots of women look to their diet, taking some of the best vitamins for women over 50 (and you can grab some bargains in our vitamin sale round-up) alongside working out on some of the best exercise machines to lose weight. But you don't have to spend hours doing cardio in order to get the benefits of an active lifestyle: just 45 minutes will do.

The 15-15-15 method requires you to spend 15 minutes on one of the best exercise bikes, 15 minutes on an elliptical machine, and 15 minutes running (on one of the best treadmills or outdoors). If you have access to two, or all three machines, it's a great way to do 45 minutes of cardio without getting bored.

In a cover feature for InStyle, Aniston said, "I had an injury last fall and I was only able to do Pilates, which I absolutely love. But I was missing that kind of sweat when you just go for it. I'm going back to my 15-15-15."

Three sets of 15-minute intervals on different equipment is a great way to switch up your usual workout and doesn't ask for too much of your time. If you lead a busy life, it's best at the start of the week to pencil in where this 45-minute slot of exercise can fit into your busy schedule.  

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Aniston's 15-15-15 workout method falls in line with advice from the American Heart Association. They advise adults to aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week, and you'd only need to do three 45-50 minute sessions in order to fulfill this requirement. 

If you have a home gym with a few different machines in it, then this will be super convenient for you. But if you don't, joining a local gym will gain you access to various cardio machines, or you can improvise at home using the 15-15-15 principle to split up several exercise disciplines. For example, you could spend 30 minutes completing some of the best exercises for weight loss, followed by this 15-minute dumbbell arm workout.

Keeping up with strength training is equally as important as aerobic activity when you get older. Muscle mass does naturally decline with age therefore, regularly including some of the best kettlebells or one of the best resistance bands into your exercise routine will help to improve strength and make everyday activities feel easier. 

Aniston also often shares on her Instagram how she uses supplements to help boost her health. There are so many different kinds of supplements out there now but the important thing to look for is the health benefits one can help you out with. We recommend everyone ensures they get enough protein to help their muscles to repair and grow - you can find some of the best protein powders for women in our guide.

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