Cyber Monday is over but there are still a handful of fitness deals available

Cyber Monday may be finished, but you can still get discounts on protein powder, weights and gym gear

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This year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are officially over, but that doesn't mean you've missed out on all of the best deals. While we're no longer updating this live blog with the latest discounts, if you scroll down you'll see that plenty of kettlebells, resistance bands and exercise machines are still available at a reduced price.

Before you buy something, do remember to check the item's previously listed price – plenty of online retailers like to hike costs then drop them again, to make it look like there's a significant saving when really the product is being sold for its standard MSRP. Everything mentioned below was genuinely discounted at the time the post was published. 

If you're look for a bit more guidance on what to buy, we'd recommend scrolling through our round-ups of the best adjustable dumbbells or the best protein powders for weight loss

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Get the Fitbit Inspire 2 for its lowest-ever price

Fitbit Inspire 2 being tested by Fit&Well

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First up, we wanted to highlight this deal from Fitbit. At less than $50, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is now very reasonably priced. Yes, it's slightly older than the Fitbit Inspire 3, but it packs in most of the same features. Plus, you'll get 12-months access to Fitbit Premium when you purchase this model, whereas the newer model only offers a six month pass. Sure, it's not the most sophisticated tracker out there. But for most people, the step-tracking and heart-rate monitoring capabilities are more than sufficient for tracking workouts. Take it from us: unless you're an intrepid adventurer, you really don't need that all-singing Garmin watch. Save your money and bag one of these instead. 

$300 discount on the JAXJOX DumbbellConnect

Jaxjox DumbbellConnect

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At just under $200, this isn't the cheapest pair of dumbbells around – but they score highly in our ranking of the best adjustable dumbbells for a reason. For less than $200, you can now get a pair of weights, adjustable between 8 and 50 lbs in 6lb increments at the touch of a button. When we tested them, we were impressed by how the weights connect to the JAXJOX app to count reps for you automatically. Check out our full review for more about our time with these weights. 

50% off protein powders

MyProtein Whey Isolate

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This is one of our top-rated protein powders, and you can now stock up for 50% less. There are 40 portions in a 1kg bag and 20g of protein per serving. If you're after more flavors, different workout supplements, or plant-based protein instead, you're in luck — everything on the Myprotein store is half-price this Black Friday; just enter the code DEAL at checkout.  

A great deal on Chris Hemsworth's workout kit

Centr Fitness Essentials Kit

(Image credit: Centr)

Chris Hemsworth's workout app Centr is popular because you don't need much equipment to get started. But there are a few essentials that help things along. This great value kit has everything you need to build muscle, including resistance bands, an exercise mat, a protein shaker, and ankle straps. Plus, you get a free three-month subscription to Centr, worth $60 on its own. 

Enjoy 27% off this adjustable kettlebell

Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell

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If you already have some adjustable dumbbells or weight plates at home, this kettlebell handle helps you make the most of your existing equipment. Rather than invest in a fixed-load kettlebell, all you need to do is screw your weight plates to the non-slip handle to make a low-cost adjustable kettlebell instead. It also means you don't need to buy new weights as you get stronger, as you can use a different combination of plates to increase the load. 

Some of the best workout earbuds are under $100

Jabra Elite 7 Active workout earbuds out of the charging case

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Whether you're out on a run or lifting weights, you need a set of headphones that'll stay securely in place. When we reviewed the Jabra Elite 7 Active, we were impressed with the ShakeGrip design, which stopped them from falling out, even during burpees and jumps. The noise cancellation is very effective, but there's also a transparency mode for when you want to stay aware of your surroundings. We rank them as the best workout earbuds, so don't miss out on this rare 47% saving. 

$300 off one of our favorite rowing machines

Echelon Smart Rower rowing machine

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It's not often you find a discount this big on one of the top rowing machines. The Echelon Smart Rower has 32 levels of near-silent magnetic resistance — perfect for home workout — and it folds neatly in half when not in use. During our review, we really enjoyed the live and on-demand workouts in the Echelon app, even if you do need a $38/month subscription. Still, this 30% discount means you effectively get almost the first year for free.  

An affordable alternative to the Peloton

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike at Fit&Well testing centre

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Peloton might be one of the most famous exercise bikes, but it's not your only choice. This stationary bike is ideal for home spin classes or as part of your regular routine, thanks to its quiet magnetic resistance system, so you can exercise without disturbing the rest of the house. And you can use that system to adjust the resistance to one of 100 micro-levels to get the most from your session. Plus, with this discount, it now costs less than a third of the Peloton Bike.  

Up to 50% off in Lululemon Black Friday sale!

Lululemon models

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While Lululemon's gear is expensive, it is of the highest quality. The phrase buttery-soft was made to describe the fabric the Canadian brand uses, especially on its Align leggings. To treat yourself on Black Friday, dive into the Lululemon Black Friday sale – the leggings, shorts, T-shirts and tops are sure to delight once you pull them on. Lululemon gear also makes great gifts for friends and family who won't pay full price, but secretly lust after those Align leggings.

50% off resistance band set

Man holding resistance bands with handles

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While there are some great deals on adjustable dumbbells this Black Friday, you're still looking at spending hundreds of dollars. Staff writer James Frew is of the view that resistance bands are a great way to develop strength (he's right) without breaking the bank (also right). He's dug out a number of Black Friday resistance band deals but here’s our favourite: A set with handles for less than $20.

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set | was $39.66 now $19.98 at Amazon

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set | was $39.66, now $19.98 at Amazon

This set comes with five bands, ranging from 10lbs up to 50lbs. There's a clip and handle for each one, so you can use them alone or attach the included door anchor and ankle straps. you even get a carrying bag to keep everything collected together for easy storage. 

$30 off Bowflex adjustable kettlebell

Bowflex adjustable dumbbell

(Image credit: Bowflex)

Kettlebells are a great addition to any home gym, because unique dynamic movements like the kettlebell swing helps you to burn fat while building muscle. While this deal is still over $100, you're getting six kettlebells in one which makes it excellent value in our book. It's also well made, with a smooth handle that's wide enough to let you do two-handed swings comfortably. 

Top men’s running shoes discounted by $50

Saucony Ride 15

(Image credit: Saucony)

Here’s the thing about the Saucony Ride 15: they’re a solid all-rounder. Pretty much anyone can put on this shoe and feel comfortable on their run from the start (we certainly did when we tested them out). They’re lightweight and well-cushioned, so they will keep you feeling springy during a mid-length jog. It’s also a neutral ride, so suitable for most runners. We’ve not seen them discounted by this amount before (36%) so we’d recommend snapping them up while they’re cheap.  

50% off recommended women’s cross-training shoes

New Balance Minimus TR

(Image credit: New Balance)

These cross training shoes are ideal for high-intensity workouts, weight lifting, and home exercise. We found that the lightweight shoes are comfortable, made of breathable materials, and the rubber outer sole offers excellent grip during fast-paced moves like burpees and mountain climbers. They lose a lot of grip when wet, so these are best for indoor exercise, but they're still some of the best cross training shoes going. You can pick up a pair for 42% less right now.

25% off Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask with straw lid

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

Hydro's water bottles are incredibly popular with both walkers and gym-goers, thanks to their sturdy stainless steel design and ability to keep your drinks nice and cold for 24 hours. This particular bottle has a wide mouth so you can add ice cubes, and a straw lid so you can keep hydrated without accidentally spilling water all over yourself. You’ll also be grateful for the straw when you don’t have to unscrew a lid after a sweaty workout. Not quite what you're after? Take a look at some of the other best water bottles for hiking or best water bottles for the gym.

Up to 50% off Osprey hiking bags

Osprey Black Friday Deals

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We're big fans of walking at Fit&Well (yes, it definitely counts as cardio) and we find that our journey are often made all the sweeter by the addition of a good backpack. Osprey makes some of the best on the market, with styles to suit casual day trips and longer, adventurous hikes. They're great for casual travel too, often easier to swing around than a suitcase when you're on the road. 

50% off the headspace app

Man lying on grass with eyes closed and headphones on

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Skip building muscle and try building some mental strength instead. The much-loved Headspace app is offering newcomers the chance to try out its meditation courses for 50% cheaper than usual ($34.99 for the year). We like the app's gentle nudge system, which reminds you to take daily breaks, along with the wide range of courses available. It's got everything from sleep-help to focus-sessions.

Grab some weights for less than $20

Black Friday weights deals - Balancefrom

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Need to update the weights in your at-home gym? These dumbbells from BalanceFrom, which now come with 33% off, could be a good place to start. It goes without saying that dumbbells are super handy to have in any gym or at-home set-up. Along with adding some extra resistance to your bodyweight exercises, be it squats, lunges or wall sits, they can do the same for any cardio-based routines. Starting out at $19.99 for two 10 lbs dumbbells — instead of $29,99 — if you act fast you can enjoy $10 off this Black Friday. Short on space? Check out our guide to the best adjustable dumbbells, which will help you build muscle at home without taking up some all-important square footage. 

Adidas Ultraboost 22 reduced by $76

adidas ultraboost 22

(Image credit: adidas)

There are a lot of running shoe deals we could highlight this Black Friday, but these are some of our favorites for all-distance runners. When we tested them out earlier this year, we found that they were comfortable, lightweight and – importantly – very durable too. We put them through a range of tough runs and they came out completely intact. Now $76 cheaper on the adidas site, we'd recommend them highly for anyone who needs a solid performer for both long-distance runs and shorter sprints. 

TRX Fit Suspension Trainer

TRX Fit Suspension Trainer

(Image credit: TRX)
  •  TRX Fit Suspension Trainer | Was $99.99 Now $75.99 

Love mixing your training up? Save $25 and train around the clock, and from anywhere, with a handy TRX kit from Best Buy which is now $75.99. Perhaps one of the best things about a TRX is the fact that you can enjoy a full-body workout indoors, outdoors or on the go. Pop it in your gym bags to take with you to your next workout session, head outside to get a sweat on or take it with you on your next holiday or adventure. Plus, if you invest in this handy piece of kit this Black Friday, you can get a 30-day free trial to the TRX Training Club, where you can access 500+ on demand workouts and daily live classes. Coming with 30% off, you really can have it all.  

Huge savings on the Theragun Prime

theragun prime

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This is the lowest price the flagship Theragun massage tool has ever been at Best Buy, so don't miss out. Massages are a great way to unwind, but booking a regular appointment can quickly burn a hole in your wallet. You can use the Theragun to give yourself a massage instead without even leaving the house, helping relieve stress and promoting blood flow to specific muscles to reduce your post-workout DOMS and recover faster.

Save $150 on this adjustable kettlebell

Jaxjox adjustable kettlebell

(Image credit: Jaxjox)

You’re going to want to drop everything. Best Buy is selling JAXJOX’s top-rated Kettlebell 2.0 for 40% less this Black Friday. The adjustable weight is listed in our guide to the best kettlebells and it’s for a number of good reasons. Usually priced at $150, this Black Friday you can nab this modifiable weight for $99 which essentially gets you six kettlebells in one. At the flick of a button, you can change the kettlebell weight from 12-42 lbs/5-19 kg (going up in 6 lbs increments). And, instead of having to count your own reps, this clever do-it-all weight does it for you. Simply sync the electronic kettlebell to your phone via Bluetooth and you’re good to review your workout and performance.

Get 20% off Apple AirPods Pro (2nd gen)

Apple AirPods Pro

(Image credit: Matt Evans)
  • Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) | Was $250, now $199 at Amazon 

Prefer to listen to music while you train? Us too. But this Black Friday you can get in the zone for less with 20% off Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd generation) earbuds on Amazon. Usually you can expect to pay $250 for the brand’s popular feature-packed buds which integrate seamlessly with other Apple products. But if you’ve had your eyes on these workout earbuds for some time, now’s the time to pick them up for $50 less. 

Intrigued why these made our list of the best workout earbuds? Look this way.

Grab a set of adjustable dumbbells for under $100

VIVITORY Dumbbell Sets Adjustable Weights

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  • VIVITORY Adjustable Dumbbell Set | Was $129.00, now $82.99

You can absolutely build muscle at home — especially once you’ve invested in a brilliant pair of adjustable dumbbells which can load up on weight as you get fitter and stronger. And this Black Friday, you can pick up this VIVITORY Adjustable Dumbbell Set for more than 35% less. For $82.99, you can convert this weight from a dumbbell to a barbell as you move from one exercise to the next. But just remember: this is an Amazon Prime exclusive deal, so if you’re not already a member, what are you waiting for?

Last chance for 25% off all Echelon connected home cardio machines

Echelon rower

(Image credit: Echelon)

While most brands have opted for one-off deals, Echelon has slashed the price of all its connected exercise machines by 25%, saving you hundreds of dollars. And, though Black Friday is winding down, the deal is still there. We've tried Echelon's treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines and are big fans. Echelon provides more affordable alternatives to popular exercise machines from Peloton and Bowflex, but still offer good-quality equipment and fun workouts in the app to follow. 

Recommended wireless earbuds just $10 at Walmart

Man wears Jlab Go Air Pop buds

(Image credit: JLab)

Walmart's Black Friday deals always deliver, but we really love this one. Sure, some may say the true spirit of Black Friday is the eye-popping three- (or even four-) figure discount, but we say there's as much joy in getting something great for 10 bucks. And these delightfully tiny buds are great, offering a high-level of sound quality for the price. Treat yourself and buy an extra pair to give over the holidays.  

Up to 42% off dumbbells from Amazon

Amazon neoprene and hex dumbbells

(Image credit: Amazon)

If you're shopping for dumbbells this Black Friday and are looking for an affordable, well-made pair, these deals on Amazon's own-brand dumbbells fit the bill perfectly. A pair of 20lb neoprene dumbbells are down by 30% to $39.49. If you're after something much heavier there's a whopping 42% of a single 45lb hex dumbbell (and reductions off lighter weights). Or there's 28% off an affordable adjustable set. 

Save $10 on Adidas digital codes

A screenshot of the Addidas deal at Best Buy

(Image credit: BestBuy)

Perfect for Holiday gifting, or just saving yourself money on a new pair of sneakers, there's currently a $10 saving on all $50 Adidas gift codes at Best Buy. That means you can buy a gift code, then spend it on an Adidas product in store, and save yourself $10 on the retail price. As this is a gift code, and not a promo code, there's nothing to stop you buying and using multiple codes on the same purchase. So, if you're looking at a $100 pair of sneakers, you can buy two codes and save a total of $20. That's excellent value!

Don't miss this Whoop Band deal

The Whoop 4.0 fitness tracker, shown in four different color options - blue, white, pink and neon yellow

(Image credit: Whoop)

Unlike most fitness trackers, Whoop gives you the band for free then charges a monthly membership fee for access to its intelligent app. This would usually be $30 per month, but over Black Friday you can whittle this down to $16 if you pay for 24 months up front, or $20 if you commit to a year. The band itself doesn’t have a screen to minimise mid-workout distractions, but when you sync it to the app on your phone you’re given a detailed breakdown of your daily activity levels, with handy metrics on your heart rate variability, respiratory rate and sleep. It uses this information to calculate digestible recovery and sleep scores, and provides actionable advice on ways to improve them. 

Over 50% off this adjustable weight bench

Flybird Weight Bench

(Image credit: Future)

This Flybird Adjustable Bench is better than half-price thanks to a Black Friday weight bench deal, with this significant discount taking it from $239.99 down to $111.68. It’s made from commercial thickness steel and can support up to 600lb, meaning even heavy lifters are catered for. The bench also has four adjustable seat positions and six different incline settings. So, not only can you perform exercises that call for cushioned a flat surface like dumbbell chest presses and hip thrusts, but you can also try the likes of incline bicep curls and chest-supported rows. 

Get our favorite foam roller for less

TriggerPoint foam roller Black Friday

(Image credit: TriggerPoint)

If there's one thing you need before starting a serious new fitness regime, it's a good recovery tool. These things have (anecdotally) been known to improve the stiff feeling you get after a heavy workout session. There's also plenty of evidence to show that they improve your range of motion, so they're useful if you're trying to get a better stretch in a yoga session. This particular orange model is actually our favorite design, topping our list of the best foam rollers. It's been reduced to just under $50 in the latest Amazon sale. 

Get $20 off top-range Manduka yoga mats

Manduka prolite yoga mat

(Image credit: Manduka)

Manduka makes some of our favorite yoga mats – we particularly like this PROlite model, which has a generous roll-out size and a good level of thickness (4.7mm). It's popular with yoga teachers and the closed-cell material means that it's easy to wipe down and keep clean after sweaty sessions. Not quite what you're looking for? There are a range of mats one sale from the company – take a look at the full list here

Protect your trunk with a discounted belt

Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

(Image credit: Dark Iron)

Weight lifting belts can help support your trunk when you're moving with heavy objects, so they're useful for preventing injuries. The seller has been a bit cheeky here – the belt is usually priced around $35 - $40, but the website claims that it was 'previously $59.99'. This is technically true, but not reflective of its standard price.

Still, there's a decent $15 saving to be made on this useful bit of kit, if you don't already have one in your gym bag. It's a very popular make, with customers praising it for its durability and quality material. 

Almost half off Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE next to iPhone showing Apple Fitness +

(Image credit: Apple)

This Apple Watch deal at Walmart is one of the best Cyber Monday fitness tracker offers we’ve seen, with the smart SE now benefitting from a 47% discount. This clever wearable has the power to track your running, yoga, swimming and strength sessions, as well as activities like Pilates and Tai chi. It can also provide feedback on your heart rate, elevation gain and more, all while offering smartwatch features like access to hundreds of apps, and the ability to field calls and texts too.

Even better, it also comes with a three-month subscription to the workout app Apple Fitness+. It's the cheapest way to get an Apple Watch on your wrist or, if you're feeling generous, it makes a great gift.

30% off Peloton apparel

Man and woman wearing Peloton apparel

(Image credit: Peloton)

Peloton's apparel range is much better than it needs to be. The leggings are soft and stay up even when you're out of the saddle and pushing hard, and we love the print included in Amazon's sale. All of the gear is high-quality and is a great fit for people who go to spin classes regularly. With 30% off a selection of trendy apparel at Amazon, it's a worthy addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Switch out your protein powder for some bars

Protein bar discounts

(Image credit: Future)

We don't all enjoy the process of shaking up a powdery mixture the minute we've finished working out. If you'd like something even more convenient, try one of these protein bars instead. While you do have to watch out for things like added sugar, they're a little more convenient than shake-based protein – and some of these bars contain an impressive 20g of protein per serving, too. All of the above options are discounted until the end of Cyber Monday sales, which end tonight. There's even a tasty pastry option, so you can throw in a little variety. 

Get a medicine ball for less than $25

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball Cyber Monday deal

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's Basics range is always good value for money, but now you can get 33% off this durable 10lb medicine ball to get a full-body workout without breaking the bank. The ball is made from a soft rubber with the weight listed on both side, and there's a textured surface to improve your grip. There's also 29% off the 6lb edition, and 16% off the 12lb version of this medicine ball.  

Save on a subscription to Chris Hemsworth's workout app

Centr app

(Image credit: Centr)

You can save 25% right now on a one-year subscription to Centr, Chris Hemsworth's workout app. It's one of the best value options out there, packed with strength training workouts designed by Luke Zocchi — Hemsworth's personal trainer — yoga classes, and even some guided meditations to build mental strength. Plus, you can join challenges, plan all your meals to optimize muscle growth, and try out sessions led by Hemsworth himself. If you'd like the kit to go with it, you can also save a bundle on this Centr Fitness Essentials Kit Home Workout Equipment, which we wrote about previously (currently just $69.99).

Hoka's Bondi 7s are 20% off

Hoka Bondi 7 Cyber Monday deal

(Image credit: Future)

If you're a pair of running shoes that you can also wear while out walking throughout the day, these should be top of your list. The Bondi 7 are available in nine colors and have a mesh upper to keep your feet cool while exercising. Plus, these vegan-friendly shoes have a memory foam ankle collar for improved comfort and a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. Save 20% on these high-performance everyday training shoes.  

Save 41% on this aerobic step

Tone fitness aerobic step on offer for cyber monday

(Image credit: Future)

Using a step is a great way to work your lower body and boost your metabolism, especially if you're holding weights as you step on and off the platform. Now, you can add a high-quality step to your home workout space for less, thanks to this 41% Cyber Monday deal. The durable plastic platform has a textured surface for improved grip and is adjustable up to six inches. 

Blend your favorite post-workout shakes for less

Ninja Kitchen Mega System Blender

(Image credit: Ninja)

Looking for a way to make smooth post-workout protein shakes? This blender comes with two 16-oz blending cups, so you can quickly make a drink, switch the lid, then be on your way — perfect for taking to the gym or on your commute. And it comes with a larger 64-oz bowl for when you want to blend sauces or make soups at home. Don't miss out on this huge 50% saving before the deal ends!